School Readiness

Preschool is a stepping stone to the next big stage in a child’s life and by attending an early learning preschool, children are able to experience a learning setting that is designed to be a transition from early childhood to primary school.

At The Learning Cottage, our school readiness program is developed in reference to The Early Years Framework in close relation to local schools, ensuring that children and families are provided with the necessary skills for their transition into school.

School readiness doesn’t necessarily mean that children need to be able to read, write and do basic maths before starting school. School readiness is about the development of the child, their ability to problem solve socially, regulate their emotions, and be confident in their actions while having the ability to participate and learn in a classroom setting.

At The Learning Cottage, we have university-qualified Childhood Teachers who develop and deliver the preschool program.

"This preschool program is also supported by extended hours of care. This means you have greater flexibility and convenience around your working hours and other family commitments"

  • Eligible to attend at 3 years of age
  • Bachelor and Diploma qualified teachers
  • Supported by extended hours of care 7:00am – 6:00pm
  • Open 52 weeks of the year
  • Care available until school year commences in February
  • Program delivered under the EYLF curriculum
  • Interest play-based approach to learning
  • Variety of Excursions and Incursions included
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Childcare benefits & rebates available
  • High-quality resources and technology

Our Curriculum

The NSW early learning curriculum focuses on the correlation and connection between the parent, the teacher and the child and the role each component plays in helping your child to thrive both in and out of the centre. With key principles, practises and learning outcomes being an integral part of the early learning curriculum, our highly experienced and qualified educators prepare your child for the real world in a safe and caring environment.

Find out more about the NSW government early learning curriculum here.
We share your vision for the future of your child, not just the present.

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