Lismore, Keen St


The Learning Cottage – Lismore was our first location and was founded on our holistic approach to learning, meaningful relationships and a safe, home like environment.

Address: 28 Keen St, Lismore NSW 2480
Opening times: Re-opening early 2024
Phone: 02 6621 2221
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Equality and inclusion are embedded in practice where our children are given every opportunity to succeed, and their diverse circumstances, cultural backgrounds and abilities are respected and valued. These practices ensure every individual feels a strong sense of identity, safety and belonging while attending. The rights and best interests of the children underpin all practice. Their safety and well-being are paramount. Each child is encouraged to have a voice, which is respected without discrimination or bias.

We believe that children are successful, capable, competent and active learners who are to be given opportunities to develop their sense of agency as they construct their own understandings, contribute to the learning and participate in decisions that affect their world.


The role of our children’s families is respected, supported, and valued. We regard families as the most significant influence in a child’s life and recognise the diverse family configurations that make up our community. We strive for a collaborative partnership and encourage our families to participate in the children’s learning and development. We celebrate and welcome all cultural beliefs, customs and backgrounds and use our diversity to enrich our program at The Learning Cottage.


We acknowledge the past, present and future Darkinjung people and we aim to instil respect with our children for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture. We promise to be thankful for and take care of the land, the water, the birds, the butterflies, the snakes, the fish, and we promise to take care of each other.

We are located in the centre of Erina where local businesses are easily accessible. Our Educators reach out to our local community to extend our children’s interests and strengths through incursions and excursions. We celebrate and build awareness of community events with our children and families through our calendar of events.


Our curriculum is guided by the elements of Belonging, Being and Becoming within The Early Years Learning Framework and the Munch and Move program, which are embedded into our daily practices.

We believe that children learn through play, which facilitates learning in all areas of development. Our curriculum is constructed by the individual and group interests of our children, as well as their diverse abilities, learning styles, needs, strengths, cultures, ideas, and knowledge. Our Educators strive to build a love for learning as they are offered a balance of child-initiated, educator-guided, and spontaneous learning opportunities.

Our curriculum is available to our families at any time. We encourage families to contribute to the program by sharing events and experiences that occur in the home context.

Wellness and Wellbeing

Our Educators are committed to developing and role modelling healthy eating habits by providing a variety of diverse, highly nutritious foods. We cater to all the children’s needs, allergies and cultural requirements.

We use our Munch and Move program to promote and discuss the benefits of physical activity. We encourage physical activity that is challenging, extends critical thinking skills, builds self-esteem and offers the opportunity to take manageable risks.


We are passionate about supporting children and their families to develop healthy lifestyle choices. Nutrition and physical well-being are at the forefront of our programming and practices. We believe that teaching children about healthy life choices, empowers them to be strong, healthy, and independent members of society.

We are a registered Munch and Move centre. This is a NSW Department of Health initiative to promote 6 key messages for health and well-being. These are:

Encourage and support breast feeding
Choose water as a drink
Eat more fruit and vegetables
Choose healthier snacks
Get active each day
Turn off the screen and get active
Our families are supported to provide a packed lunch, which is highly nutritious and waste free, and a refillable water bottle. At our service, educators provide food preparation activities that promote experimentation and healthy food choices, often using fresh produce from our organic garden.

Our service follows the Australian 24-hour Movement Guidelines for The Early Years. These provide benchmarks for physical activity, energetic play, screen time and quality sleep for the age group 0-5 years, and we program every week to explicitly teach children the 13 NSW Fundamental Movement Skills, running, jumping, galloping, side sliding, hopping, skipping, leaping, catching, stationary dribble, kicking, striking a stationary ball, overarm throw, and underarm throw.

Healthy nutrition and physical activity is promoted throughout our program and is embedded in all that we do.


Our team strives to present a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment with a balance of natural and constructed elements.
We believe that interactions with the environment support children’s engagement and development. We aim to provide a welcoming home-like environment where children feel and sustain a sense of calm and facilitate meaningful engagements.

We endeavour to operate using an environmentally sustainable approach to our daily practices and routines. We embed this approach to support our children in becoming life-long, environmentally responsible members of our community.

Our Team

Our Educators build high self-esteem and self-worth in our children as they provide positive encouragement during experiences and role model positive behaviour and communication skills.

Our Educators seek continuous improvement; best practice underpins our practice. We are committed to continuous improvement and achieving high-quality outcomes for our children. We consider current frameworks and theories through the process of critical reflection. We use critical reflection to guide and improve our teaching strategies, practices and learning environments in play-based learning and as we use the environment as a third teacher.

Our Educators are led by supportive leadership, promoting a positive and professional learning environment. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, ensuring high expectations and high-quality care. Staff performance is regularly evaluated where individual plans are in place to support each Educator’s learning & development. Our team are committed to learning and progressing their knowledge and skills through regular professional development.



Opening Times: Mon-Fri, 7.00am–6.00pm
Address: 42 Karalta Rd, Erina NSW 2250
Phone Number: 02 4367 7760


Opening Times: Mon-Fri, 7.00am-6.00pm
Address: 3 Smiths Lane, Wollongbar NSW, 2477
Phone Number: 02 6628 5127

Lismore, Keen St

Opening Times: Re-opening early 2024
Address: 28 Keen St, Lismore NSW 2480
Phone Number: 02 6621 2221

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