Maximise government funding

All our fees are within the CCS hourly cap, meaning you will maximise government funding by booking into The Learning Cottage. 


To meet strict requirements of the Activity Test, we invite parents to do volunteer work within the service. Not only will this help to access more hours of subsidised care, it’s also an opportunity to gain an insight to your child’s learning and build relationships with educators.

Settling into
The Learning Cottage

At The Learning Cottage we understand every child is settled and soothed in their own way.

To support a smooth transition into The Learning Cottage, we encourage at least 2 play dates before your child’s enrolment commences. This provides our educators and families an opportunity to discuss your child’s routines, comforts, interests and cues and how we can best support this within our service.

Come and spend time with us during your child’s first visits!

Before enrolling your child at The Learning Cottage, we strongly suggest getting to know the environment and the people within it, to make sure it’s the right fit for your child’s unique requirements.

  1. During the first visit at The Learning Cottage, as parents, you’re invited to stay with us while your child is introduced to the other children. We encourage our new parent and child to play alongside each other, assuring your child that you’re feeling safe, happy and welcomed within this new environment.
  2. On the second visit, you will be invited to spend some additional time at The Learning Cottage with your child. This time, a teacher will take over the guidance of your child to lead them into settling into their new environment, accompanied by other children.
  3. On the third visit, we will ask that you leave your child at the centre under the watchful eye of our qualified staff for a short period of time, to ensure he or she will be comfortable in their new surroundings.

What to bring on your child’s first day…

Early developmental education can be a messy task! So, when helping your child for the day ahead, please ensure you dress them in activity appropriate clothing for the day. Please bring:

  • Two to three changes of clothing per day
  • At least five spare nappies for those who wear them
  • During the warmer months, please pack your child a hat and apply sunblock to the exposed areas of the body before dropping them off at the centre
  • During the cooler months, please pack your child a jacket and gumboots

Settling into The Learning Cottage can be a time of great excitement but sometimes it can also be a time of sensitivity for the children and their families. To make the transition into early learning one of warmth and encouragement, we aim to provide a comfortable environment for your child to settle in and feel safe at all times.

We know that every child has their own unique values so respect and adhere to your child’s existing daily routines and value your input when getting to know your child.

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A tour of The Learning Cottage is a great way to learn about how we work and care for our children and it also gives you the opportunity to have all your questions answered.