This 46 place service is conveniently located between Ballina and Goonellabah, providing care between the ages of 6 months- 6 years, operating Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm.
Our outstanding team of educators have crafted the rooms and routines to support you and your families individual needs within a caring, welcoming and sustainable environment.

Address: 3 Smiths Lane, Wollongbar NSW, 2477
Opening times: Mon-Fri, 7.00am-6.00pm
Phone: 02 6628 5127
Email: wollongbar@thelearningcottage.com.au


We believe children are active participants in their learning. We believe our role is to nurture and support them to become independent, autonomous individuals with a sense of agency. We endeavour to prepare children for being a positive member of the larger community and set them up with the skills for lifelong learning and education.


We regard families as the most significant influence in a child’s life and recognize that many diverse configurations of family make up our community. This belief guides us to work in collaborative relationships with families to ensure the development and wellbeing of the whole child. We draw on our understanding of contemporary theories, knowledge and research concerning early childhood development to support all our families.


We are passionate advocates for children and the importance of early childhood education and are proud to be part of a Child Safe Organisation. We believe open-ended play supports and encourages children’s development. Educators draw upon a range of strategies and resources, including loose parts, items from nature, technology, and teachable moments to support this learning and development.

We abide by the Early Childhood Code of Ethics, and we encourage ongoing education, training, and reflection to continually improve our practices. We will share our enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience at every opportunity.


We provide a play-based program guided by the elements Belonging, Being and Becoming of The Early Years Learning Framework curriculum, and we are a Munch and Move Centre. Our service offers a balance of child inspired and educator guided learning experiences and opportunities, acknowledging the diverse abilities, and learning styles of the children. We believe that children learn through their play, a connection with the world, relationships with others and reflective practices. Our program documentation is visible and family input is sort out and highly valued.


We have a commitment to presenting an environment which invites investigation and learning, promotes growth and development, includes a balance of natural and manmade elements, and provides a safe, clean, aesthetic space for all who participate. We feel a strong responsibility to educate our children to be environmentally aware, and we utilise their engagement in our environment as an opportunity to promote discussion and awareness about sustainable practices and genuine care for the planet on which we live.


We are passionate about supporting children and their families to develop healthy lifestyle choices. Nutrition and physical well-being are at the forefront of our programming and practices. We believe that teaching children about healthy life choices, empowers them to be strong, healthy, and independent members of society.

We are a registered Munch and Move centre. This is a NSW Department of Health initiative to promote 6 key messages for health and well-being. These are:

Encourage and support breast feeding
Choose water as a drink
Eat more fruit and vegetables
Choose healthier snacks
Get active each day
Turn off the screen and get active
Our families are supported to provide a packed lunch, which is highly nutritious and waste free, and a refillable water bottle. At our service, educators provide food preparation activities that promote experimentation and healthy food choices, often using fresh produce from our organic garden.

Our service follows the Australian 24-hour Movement Guidelines for The Early Years. These provide benchmarks for physical activity, energetic play, screen time and quality sleep for the age group 0-5 years, and we program every week to explicitly teach children the 13 NSW Fundamental Movement Skills, running, jumping, galloping, side sliding, hopping, skipping, leaping, catching, stationary dribble, kicking, striking a stationary ball, overarm throw, and underarm throw.

Healthy nutrition and physical activity is promoted throughout our program and is embedded in all that we do.


We believe connections and relationships in our community are vitally important. We are committed to establishing an environment that reflects our deep respect for the indigenous culture, history, and practices. We aim to connect with local Bunjalung elders, our families, and community to promote and empower our emerging leaders, installing in them a sense of pride, equality and a commitment to inclusion and social justice.



Opening Times: Mon-Fri, 7.00am–6.00pm
Address: 42 Karalta Rd, Erina NSW 2250
Phone Number: 02 4367 7760


Opening Times: Mon-Fri, 7.00am-6.00pm
Address: 3 Smiths Lane, Wollongbar NSW, 2477
Phone Number: 02 6628 5127

Lismore, Keen St

Opening Times: Re-opening early 2024
Address: 28 Keen St, Lismore NSW 2480
Phone Number: 02 6621 2221

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