Early Learning Centre – Erina

The Learning Cottage - Erina

At The Learning Cottage Erina, our educators utilise the children’s’ knowledge, ideas, cultures, abilities and interests to form the foundation of the program. The program is highly tailored and child-centred, allowing educators to gain a holistic understanding of each child’s development.

Children are involved in the decision-making process in regard to setting up the rooms, making rules and the altering of routines. We provide our children with a great sense of autonomy, allowing them to own the program and feel empowered by their own interests and ideas. Educators work with the children to ensure that this, and the centre’s routine and program are planned effectively to provide maximum learning opportunities.

Please contact us to discuss enrolling or to book a tour:
02 4367 7760
42 Karalta Rd, Erina NSW 2250