Our Environments

Our Environments

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Our Environments

The Learning Cottage’s environment has been designed and adapted to promote a calm, comfortable and home-like learning space. This is embodied throughout the building, such as our portico entrance, light and neutral colour scheme and polished timber floors. The heritage of the building (as a hospital over a 100 years ago) extends upon this through raised ceilings, large open spaces and heritage features.

Our Indoor Learning Environments

We support your child to grow to their fullest potential by providing them with the tools and resources to explore their interests and experiences within our physical environments. Our indoor setup is mindful of the diverse needs of your child, while providing them with the freedom and space to explore their curiosities.

Educators are thoughtful planners and supporters in your child’s education, ensuring learning is purposeful, creative and most importantly- enjoyable!

Indoor learning spaces at The Learning Cottage are inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Relaxation area- A space for soft play and quiet time
  • Reading corner- To explore our current interests and research
  • Construction zone- For our little engineers
  • Sensory play- Clay and playdough is a huge part of our daily sensory exploration
  • Loose parts- An opportunity for fine motor manipulation and critical thinking
  • Musical instruments and body movements- An expanse enjoyable and inclusive of all ages

Our Outdoor Learning Environments

The Learning Cottage ensures your child is exposed to the abundance of nature we’re all fortunate to share on the New South Wales North Coast. By doing this we not only encourage an innate appreciation and care for the wellbeing of our environment, but foster an education of how it’s changing and developing in our world.

Our outdoor environment is nestled within the gardens of neighbours. Our two aged fig trees are the vocal point of our yard, providing shade all year round and the subject for children to watch wildlife.

One aspect of outdoor play we make known to all, is that our children are not separated into age groups. Children explore and play cohesively in the yard, allowing plenty of opportunities for learning, nurturing and challenging play.

We recognise the importance of sustainability and embedding such practices into the lives of our children from an early age. Gardening of herbs, fruits, vegetables, taking care of our worm-farm and composting is huge part of our day-to-day practices.